About Us

At Gary Rodgers Plumbing Inc., our plumbers in Jacksonville is available to perform top quality work for businesses throughout the area. With our plumbing services in Jacksonville, Florida, you are guaranteed to have your needs met for a competitive price.

Gary Rodgers opened Gary Rodgers Plumbing Incorporated in 1979 as a residential, commercial and repair plumbing contractor. His main goal was to perform any work he could to get the company off the ground. He started by working out of his house, and later purchased property on the Northside of Jacksonville after being in business for a few years.

Gary’s son Andy began working for him at a young age. His passion for plumbing was apparent and he eventually became Vice President. In 2007, Gary retired and Andy was promoted to President. Andy’s background is primarily in commercial plumbing and he has over 25 years experience in the plumbing trade.

New Beginnings

The company remained in the same location on Bassett Road until 2015. In the beginning of 2015, Andy was looking to move to the Southside of town since the majority of the work was located in that area. Currently they are on Mining Terrace where they have been for almost a year.

Our Focus on You

Our business is one that we take pride in and promise to deliver what we say. The company began doing all types of plumbing, but today we have moved into a focus of commercial plumbing. We continue to provide the same excellent service more than 30 years later. We provide full estimating for all commercial projects. Our company has about 35 employees and they work from South Georgia to Central Florida.

We are proud to be a family owned and operated business. With this, we are very hands on in all aspects of the company. Currently, this is a second-generation company and looking to be a third.

Meet the Staff

Contact us to speak with a plumber in Jacksonville regarding your business needs. Our company proudly offers commercial and industrial plumbing services in Jacksonville, Florida, and surrounding areas.